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Aquatic of Sherwood

Aquatic of Sherwood Free Pc Game

Recuperate the place that is known for Aquatica in the Aquatic of Sherwood with your recently concocted air pocket shooter before strange air pockets devour your territory…

In Aquatic of Sherwood, the place where there is Aquatica has disappeared. With the vanishing of Aquatica, abnormal-looking machines have been seen around the region delivering strange air pockets that will expend anything it contacts. Clear these air pockets with your recently designed air pocket shooter by coordinating at least 3 like shaded air pockets before space runs out. Take on precarious air pocket arrangements, exciting time astound modes and increase energizing rewards. Just you can clear these air pockets and recuperate the place that is known for Aquatica.

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  • Over 50 unique levels.
  • More than 9 exciting bonus effects.
  • Excellent sound effects that enhance the overall gameplay.
  • This is a free full version game to download and play.


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