The latest entry in the Gears of War series has garnered widespread opinion, and one thing seems to have been recognized. If you love Gears’ tight core shooter gameplay, you’ll find a pleasing dose of nostalgia as you carry your chain gun to the skull of Tuduste. If you were hoping for an evolution on the series formula, you might find yourself wanting more.

At least, our video producer Griff sees it. In his Gears 5 review, he explains that “it’s hard to know where the series goes from here,” tampering with the open-world game design, though sometimes visually beautiful, making the experience worthwhile Don’t change the style. ”

Rounding out, Griff says, “The transient ability of your teammates gives you a boost to the cocoon. Undoubtedly the battle is tough, the surfaces look beautiful, and the scenery is snappy. They rarely go beyond their reception, but in the end, the three-year wait is, even more, demanding – reliable panchayat fighters and some well-intentioned ideas do not take the gears out of the ordinary.

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