Racers Islands

Racers Islands Free Pc Game

Racers Islands is a multiplayer truck race loaded up with shocks. Race on beautiful tracks and gather riddle things that would help you in your race…

In Racers Islands set yourself up for an expert truck dashing with amazing results. Accumulate secret things that will assist you with setting up tricky snares, hindering your rival or even give you a lift in speed. Rival your companions for a race loaded up with giggling and startling turn. You can never anticipate the champ, in a race loaded up with consistent amazements. Prepare for an elating truck race that you will always remember…

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  • In excess of 20 distinct circuits.
  • Up to 5 extraordinary game modes to browse.
  • Multi-player mode for up to 4 players.
  • This is a free full form game to download and play.


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