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The Adventures of Perseus

The Adventures of Perseus Free PC Game

The Adventures of Perseus takes you on a legendary voyage. Help Perseus in his fight against the divine beings, in this difficult Match 3 riddle game…

Join Perseus on his energizing match 3 experience as he assembles an old city in The Adventures of Perseus. Back in the days where catastrophes and wars were normal in Greece, everybody goes to the Divine beings for their approval. Everybody except Perseus…

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Unfit to acknowledge the doings of the divine beings, Perseus sets out on a voyage to guard his respect. Comprehend fascinating match 3 riddles and gather faithful antiques that will help in his voyage. Will Perseus have the option to win the support of the Divine beings and beat the hindrances that hold him up…


  • More than 85 testing levels Match 3 games.
  • An assortment of game modes with various testing levels.
  • An assortment of smaller than usual games brings the interactivity to an unheard-of level.
  • The Adventures of Perseus is a free full form game to download and play.


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